The Kerala State Handicapped Persons’ free electric wheel chair Apply now

Handicapped Persons’ Kerala State Welfare Corporation gives a free electric wheel chair.The application form filled to submit the  Email : [email protected] , [email protected] 

Address Kerala State Welfare Corporation

Download form click here

Documents to submit

  1. Complete filled application form and two passport size photographs
  2. Self attested Aadhaar Card copy
  3. Ration card’s 1,2 last page self attested copy
  4. Annual Income Certificate within six months from Village Officer
  5. Attested copy of the certificate issued by the Medical Board Certificate of Division

FORM screen short
Form screen short

1. Applicants must be limited to over 40% of mobilization and have permanent disabilities

2. The annual income on lack

3. It is not possible to apply for government employees or other salaried employees.

4. Only those who specialize in the expert doctors can apply for an electronic wheelchair.

5. Medication by the expert panel at the District / Taluk Hospital proving the discrepancy.
The board must have a certificate

6. The information in the Application Form is to be recorded in full.

7. Those who have received T-equipment and scooters from local self-governments or government institutions within eight years shall not apply.

8. Applications not covered by the relevant documents will not be considered.

9. Only applications received within the prescribed time are considered.

10. The application must be ‘applied to the wheelchair’ * at the top of the cover of application

11. The Expert Doctor’s Letter, Seal and Decisioning must be included in the application provided in the application.

Kerala State Welfare Corporation Forward Communities Ltd is a Kerala State Government which was incorporated on 8 November 2012 by the Companies Act, 1956 as a private limited company to promote the overall development and welfare of the economically weaker sections.

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