New business ideas in Kerala

New business ideas in Kerala

New business ideas in Kerala.Low cost business idea: battery water plant

Do you live in a small town, village, or rural area? Are you looking for low-cost business ideas that can make good profit in small towns and villages? In this article, we have compiled the most profitable small business ideas for small towns.

In the past few years, water needs a battery. The battery used in vehicles and batteries must be sprayed at intervals for a few months. This water is different. This battery is sold in almost all residential markets except the automatic market. In this scenario, even in cities, there is a battery water manufacturing plant. If you want to set up an unlimited business for investing, you can place a battery of water.

By considering the possibilities of business, the government also provides under the main employment product program. Today we will talk about this whole project to start your business by taking a loan based on this project report.

According to the project’s project report, you can install a battery capacity of Rs 50,000. The cost for this project is Rs. 70 lakh. You can borrow the Prime Minister’s Employment Salad Program. . About 90% of the loan is provided by the Central Government.

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