How to Kerala State Electricity Board ( KSEB ) LED Bulb Registration

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KSEB New Updating 2019 . KSEB ( Kerala State Electricity Board ) is a public sector agency under the Government of Kerala, India, that generates ,transmits and distributes the electricity supply in the kerala state KSEB LED Bulb Registration. The bulbs, tube lights, and CF are removed from the state completely. Loud bulbs and tubes will now shine in homes instead of home. The registration for this project will begin on March 1. The 2.5 billion LDE bulbs will be distributed through the project. The project is implemented by the State Electricity Board and Energy Management Center.

The Rs 750 crore allocation of LED light and tube will be replaced by a common bulb, tube lite and CFL. In the first phase, five crore LD bulbs will be distributed at the end of June. The board’s expectation is that an LDE bulb can cost around Rs 65. The amount will be allocated along with the Electricity Bill later in installments. The bulk of the bulk of the bulbs will be nine bulbs. Tube distribution has been shifted to December because it has to change holders to set up LD tubes.

Through the website, app, meter reader or section offices, you can register on the project till April 30. When buying a new LD, the old bulbs should be returned to the same number. Old bulbs and tubes will be charged a small service charge. Then the powder will be sprinkled with baking and mercury. This mercury and die can be reused. Various companies will be invited to tender for this purpose.

Registration starts in September with regard to LD Tubes. The supply of tubes will be completed by December. Through this project, the Electricity Board estimates that next year the bulbs and tubes, except LD, can be avoided entirely from the State.


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