Mobile tower radiation causes no health hazard

Mobile tower radiation causes no health hazard

Mobile tower signals do not health problems .

The Department of Telecom said in a press release that the mobile tower does not cause any harm to health. The note is based on the report of the World Health Organization.Department of Telecom does not create a signal from mobile towers The Government of India has made it clear that the World Health Organization .

Low electromagnetic field is not causing serious health problems. The lack of weak radio frequency signals from base stations and wireless networks makes no sense for health. There is no evidence to suggest that signals from base stations have long or hassle-free physical problems, according to a telecom department.

The report by the World Health Organization is based on an analysis of 25,000 studies published in the last 30 years.Evidence shows that human and cattle are not harmful to the signals from the towers. There are 95,000 mobile base stations in Kerala. Of these, 35,000 towers have been tested for radiation testing.



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