very important information everyone should know : Summer Car Safety – Desert Heat and Your Vehicle

Oh My Health” suggests that this is a very important information everyone should know in the summer.Our vehicles are like a member of our home where lakhs or billions have been bought or old vehicles. Some, like their own little ones, care for vehicles while some keep dumping in the car maintenance. The best way to save your vehicle is by keeping the best performance. The rain and heat are harmful to the car, both in different ways.

The exterior of the car affects the dress, color and color of the car. The engine is too bad for the summer. The inside and the inner car that lasts for a long time can be up to 60 degrees Celsius. Frequency of heat affects the efficiency of the vehicle. This can also lead to an overdose. If we do not take care of it very well, we can carry a car on a day or so, like a member of the home. Here are some of the few tips that can help you to escape from the strike, reduce the car in the car and protect the car during the summer.

The tires are the most important and most neglected parts. The use of a car without distracting the accurate flow of air may cause damage to the tires quickly. This is the proof that many people today are well aware of the amount of air to be filled in the front and back wheel.

At regular intervals, it is necessary to make sure the tire is accurate. Especially during the summer. The decrease in the amount of air may be faster than the speed of the tires and the greater the turnaround of the tire. This can lead to damage to the sides of the tires and causing the tires to burst.

The pressure of the tire may vary quickly from the outside climate. As a PSI, the tire pressure decreases to 10 degrees. Check the pressure in the morning before the tire is heated. Do this every two weeks. Air should be tier in line with the quality of the road and the weight of the vehicle. It is also necessary to check the air of the stator tire. Another important thing is to make sure the alignment of the tire is correct.

Air conditioner is the most widely used area in the summer. Compressor oil can be adjusted at regular intervals, checking the cooler leakage, cleaning the dust into the AC, and increasing the life of the ASI and ensure better performance.

The main complaining of car users is that it takes longer to cool inside the summer. The outside temperature of the locked car can exceed 10 degrees Fahrenheit. It will take much of the time to cool down. Before turning on the AC, make sure that the glass windows are lowered and the outside temperature is about equal to the same temperature in the car. Initially turn on AC in full fan mode and close windows. This allows you to easily drive the heated air inside the vehicle. When parked in the sun open the glass belt open and the car temperatures will remain the same at outside temperatures.

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The absence and absence of cooling is harmful to the car, especially during the summer. This is the main reason for car strikes. Hence, make sure the quantum is prescribed in the amount specified before the start of the summer. Over three-year-old car radiators check that there is no leakage. Use good woolen as the quality of the cheap cooler is likely to worsen.

The summer heat engine ends quickly. For those who use second-generation engine oils to save a little money, they need to be very careful. Ensure that the engine is used to check the amount of oily and use the correct bin. The fluid should also be checked for power steering, brake and transmission units. It is also advisable to fill the lighter flavors of summer that are more effective in the sun.

When the car is running, the engine and the other parts of the engine are overheating. Ensure that there are plenty of capacity hoses and belts to support the same. Replace unmatched with another. Clams and clips are regularly checked.

Battery fluid quickly falls on summertime. This ensures that you have enough amount of fluid in your battery before the battery is damaged. In addition, check the rust and cluster in the battery’s terminals. Clean the dust. All the wires should be properly attached and that the stomach is not vaccinated. It is also desirable to check the amount of distilled water at regular intervals in the battery operated with distilled water.

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