Business ideas in Kerala

Ten business ideas were discovered by sinking deep in the market of Kerala. If you have Rs 1 lakh in your hands, you can reach it. Success is reaping. Hard to believe Then look carefully at the successful entrepreneurs in the world.

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Their start is from the garage of a house or a single room. Capital is very small. They are building big business empires today. All of them were ordinary. But they found a region that could grow to the future in the sky, with a small enterprise.

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So, here are ten initiatives that come in Kerala. There are currently no competitors in the market. Sustainable enterprises that are sure to succeed will be able to keep the flame in mind and keep up with the exact project. This is a spark. When it moves into the mind, the paths will be opened one by one. Only entrepreneurs can call this kind of fire.

Young people today want to be a spice. The power of Athaar is the freshman aroma. Earlier in the year, the market was in the hands of Chinese products. In the absence of any quality, the Chinese products were dropped. Customers went behind body spray. Its odor will lose as much as the hours. That’s not so. There is no market in Kerala The innovative fragrance is the factor that Athare won in the market.
How to Start: Athar’s ingredients are available from markets in Mumbai and Gujarat. This is a fresh sweet fragrance that is added to the correct size. To do this you need to appoint an expert in this job.
To invest: Addar Ingredients: 50,000
Small bottles: Rs. 25,000
There’s a good box covers you’ve put on brand name for Athar’s market. Need this for: Rs. 25,000
Market: For any quality and innovative aroma, which is sold in the Kerala market by any price. There are no monopolies in the market. Customers are exhorting Chinese products. One bottle can make up to 50-100 per cent of profits.

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Ready to Cook Dry Fish
Malayalees love fish. Many of those who love drying too. But clean and quality drying is not in the market. On the road side, the dried fish is sold in shops. So the people in the upper segment of the society who are dried up their faces face from this. Ready to Cook point to the possibilities of Dry Fish.
How to Start: Kerala’s favorite fishes like hula, shark, shrimp, and other sea fish are all in Kerala. These can be stored from these places. When people are not crowded, you can rent a house or a room where the vehicle is comfortable. There are 4-5 females and cleaned up dried fish and shrimp. Its remains are scientifically cremated. You can also provide the environment and other things.
Up to 80% of working capital can be transferred for drying and shrimp storage. The wages and the merchandise of workers will be allocated for the balance.
Market: Clean up the pack, bring the name of the product and attract the name of the product to the market. This can be done by masala or aunta. If you have a dry rush directly in the pan, it will be used by any platform in the community.

3. The pettico used by the girls
The reality is that the petticoat can not be suitably adapted to the weather in Kerala, which is able to wear girls aged three to 12 years. Cotton cloth petticoat in new design and branding will not be easy to shine on the market.
How to get: Quality cotton cloth is available from Tirupur, Mumbai and Gujarat. Take this as a whole. Every village in Kerala will have a tailor made sewing machine in the house. Give them a pattern and a suitcase for a peacock. That is not to have its own sewing unit.
Investment: 80% of capital can be utilized for this. That means around 80,000 rupees can be used for this. Make a packing bag for a good brand name. 10,000 for packaging and Rs. Let’s go back 10,000 for other expenses.
Market: Branded petticoat is not ideal for the weather in Kerala. Approximately 25 lakh children in the age range of 3-12 years can be considered. If they calculate the use of 3-4 petrol a year, then the size of the market will be understood.

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