Solar AC at Low cost in Kerala-2022

Solar Air Conditioner – solar ac price Kerala. Summer has come. Most homes now have to operate the AC fan full-time. But for most households, the current electricity bill is much higher. Therefore, it is not possible to run the AC fan full time. Solar Air Conditioner – Best Prices in Kerala are described here,

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It is in these situations that the importance of AC using solar panels increases. Solar panels are now available that can operate most electronic devices. The working method and price of these can be understood in detail.

Benefits of using Solar Air Conditioner

  • Cost-effective.
  • New models are available.
  • The monitoring box is attached along with them.
  • 100% copper metal is used.
  • Working in the Hybrid model.

Which AC runs on Solar Power?

By choosing solar-powered methods you can not only cool the room but also require less power consumption. That is, solar AC works by compressing light from the sun and generating electricity from it. Excessive use of AC in most households is the main reason for the increase in electricity bills. But using solar power can make a huge difference.

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The AC should be selected according to the size of each room. Solar ACs themselves are available in a variety of sizes and designs. Of these, those made in India and those coming from abroad can be selected as required.

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Which is the best Solar Air Conditioner?

If AC chooses the brand Sinfin, it is made entirely in India. By selecting these, solar and current can be operated in the same way.

AC can be powered by direct current from solar. But one of the main problems we face here is that we need to get heat from the sun in a good way. Depending on the climate of Kerala, getting a heat, in the same way, all the time is not an easy task.

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But as a solution to this, it can be transferred from the current panel to a charge controller and stored and used. By doing so, you can set the AC using the heat directly from the panel during the day and let it work using the battery stored at night.

Or if it is intended to make the AC work using AC power, it is possible. Capacity is available for five to six hours. with a box attached to it, you can accurately monitor how much power each device is consuming.

When choosing the latest model Sinfin AC it will heat the room warmer in cold weather and those capable of cooling in hot weather are available in the market today. The basic price of solar-powered solar panels is around Rs 48,000. Sinfin AC is made using 100% copper metal.

The AC is designed in such a way that the power can give and take less when needed. Under normal circumstances, the compressor is operated only for cooling. But in solar-powered ACs, the compressor is working full time.

What is the best price for Solar Air Conditiner?

The Solar Ac can be categorized into different types according to its size. The 1 ton Solar Ac needs 1500 watts Solar panel. The approximate Price is 97000 rupees. The 1.5 ton Solar AC Is working in 2500 watts solar panel. The price for this one is 1,39000 rupees. The two-ton power solar AC needs a 3500 watts panel, and the price is around 179000 rupees.

Can we run AC on solar power?

The Solar type Acs are designed especially to work in Solar. But it can also be worked in normal power. According to your usage, you can convert the AC from solar to normal. Basically, it is working as a hybrid model. So direct current and Ac can be utilized in the same method. There is an integrator that can convert solar energy to electricity.

What is solar power AC?

From a normal Ac to Solar Ac it can absorb the heat from the sun. Then it will convert it into solar can be stored in a battery. So when the sun is gone. The panel is working under the energy stored in the daytime. So there is no issue occurring at night time also.

How much does it cost to run AC for 1 hour?

If in the case of old type 1.5 ton Ac it uses around 1.5  units per hour. But in Solar type inverter Ac’s it can be used 10.91 units per hour. So there are must cost-effective than normal type AC.For more information and the price list click the link given below.

Solar Ac Price List Kerala

A/C Tonnage Solar Panel Price List
  • Solar AC 1 Ton
1500 Watts Rs: 97000
  • Solar AC 1.5 Ton
2500 Watts Rs: 139000
  • Solar AC 2 Ton
3500 Watts Rs: 179000


  1. Is the solar AC working at night time also?

Ans: Yes. There is a battery attached along with the panel. It can store energy in the daytime. It can utilize the energy at night.

2. Solar AC work in DC mode?

Ans: Yes it can be designed to work in Dc and Ac current in the same way.

3. Is the Solar AC help to reduce the Current Bill?

Ans: Yes. They are designed to use less energy. So automatically reduce the power consumption.



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project kit:

  • One ton LG Dual inverter 5 Star AC.
  • Special batteries work for 8 hours
  • Special solar panels .
  • Required solar power controls,
  • fitting kits and 15 meter cables,
  • Solar panels for iron fractions

Over the years, our world has constantly evolved in solar energy production and has developed a model of solar powered solar devices. From watches, cookies, even lanterns, all the usual set of tools since the popularity of solar power makes a major difference. From the solar power generator, the air conditioner is very energy efficient.Solar air conditioners depend on standard steam compression – refrigeration process. The solar turbine energy is transferred to the refrigerant gaseous system using the solar tube collector’s air conditioning system core.

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