How effective are gas safety products : gas safety regulator

LPG Or Liquid Petroleum Gas, it is quite possible for many of us to know about this dangerous gas. Mainly we are cooking

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Tell us about knee-high red silintarukalilayi that it is okay for our home, our family has the power to take a moment to bake the whole campalakkanulla el.pi.jikk in conjunction with the LPG atuttitapalakunna housewives or a cottage or petippikkalayea civilians who did not know about the el.pi.jiye Sounds like a lot, but it’s true .. alayea friends.

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LPG with 25 to 30 liters filled with that small cylinder is enough to clear our dreams, hopes, life and life in a moment.

How is LPG leak? How is it spreading in the atmosphere?

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LPG has more density or weight than loved ones. So if the LPG leaks, the gase can not be tired or quickly combined with the atmosphere. Hence naturally, Newton’s gravitational law states that LPG consumes more lighter than atmospheric air, while LPG keeps adapting to its surface at a fixed height.

If the LPG is in the direction of the wind in the area of ​​LPG, then the LPG would be expanding south if not the size of the LPG and the wind according to the wind.

This is what the gas leak is in the open space. But the situation in closed homes in our homes is a very dangerous situation.

LPG in our kitchens. If it leaks, it will never merge with the atmosphere or spread out as it is said above. The reason is that our closed children do not have enough air space.

The lack of air circulation and the LPG density is higher than the atmosphere, and the LP is lying on a fixed height, at the fixed level (the size will vary widely as well as the size of the space) and even a small spark that occurs at the same time Remember that ..

Now let’s see how a fire or fire in LPG leak finds its scientific side.

If you want a fire or a fire, you need three things.

1, the oxygenated gas that helps to heal

2, fuel or indoor

3, Heat or Heat

The three things come together in a particular proportion when the fire occurs … otherwise we can not have a fire.
The firefighter team is used when the firearms are eliminated from one of these three things.

Let’s come back to LP.
These three things are usually caused by a fire, so there are always three of the three things mentioned above in the LPG leak: One atmospheric oxygen.
Secondly, fuel, ie wheelbarrow. The lamp is filled with LPG.

If you want to get a fire there is heat or hot.

The LPG consumes a lot of fuel in the event of an LPG consumption, which means that the LPG is more demanding to sweep away. So we need a little spark on the rocks. G to be a tragedy on us …

Now, let’s see how LPG has so much fun with a big rock.

If we try to burn a few green grams and some dried leaves in a place to burn it, it will be very dry dried leaves, because the tender leaves are very high in the dry leaves. Also LPG As long as the bulk of the LPG cylinder is capable of burning, the LPG will suddenly show the tire of a burning lamp and burn with a large scale.

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