Heart attack – Symptoms and causes

Kerala is the most heart attack state in the country. The main reason for this is diabetes with increased diabetes and alcohol and tobacco. The age of heart disease is also decreasing. At 30-40 years of age the heart attack.

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There are people who think that the spring of life is near the heart of a heart attack. They are not able to survive from the impact of a heart attack. However, life expectancy does not end after a heart attack, angioplasty and bypass surgery. But if you follow some of the lifestyle, you can enjoy life for a little while.

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What is heart attack?

If your heart is working smoothly, you need to flow to your heart muscles without any interruption. Blood is transmitted through the coronary arteries. When the coronary arteries interfere with the cholesterol and the bloodstream, the heart muscles will not get enough blood. The heart cells and muscles are inactivated. This is a myocardial infarction, called Heart Attack.

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Chest pain is an important symptom of a heart attack. Pain in the center of the chest may be pushed to the shoulders, both legs and the neck, the beard, the outer and the top of the stomach. It may be painful like a load on the chest, like smoker or blineing your chest. Chest pain can exacerbate the body. You may feel chest and fatigue. 50% of Heart Attacks can be accompanied by chest pain along with chest pain.

Without a painless heart attack?

Heart Attack can have a heart attack. This is called a silent attack. Pain in heart failure especially in diabetes and hypertension, especially in adults and women. About 35% of people with diabetes do not have chest pain after a heart attack. Neuropathy affecting self-regulating nervous system is a cause of painless heart failure.

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Silent can not be a blessing. Rather, the heart of a heart attack is causing immediate medical attention. Many people suffer from a stomach and heartache following heart attack. Or, incidentally, occasionally the ECG. Hart appears to be in a state of negativity.

Are the tests given to the person who comes to the chest?

E.g. The test is performed first. EGG is the electrical discharge in the heart muscle after heart rate. Is doing. However, all patients who suffer from a heart attack can suffer from EG. May not be changes. The blood samples are collected and the components of toponyn and caustic kinase are examined. These can increase due to heart attack.

Anjogography is a test conducted to understand whether or not the block is blocked. This is a thorough examination of iodine syndrome in the heart. In addition, modern facilities are also available, such as the Thallium Scan Test and the Multi-Slide-MR Angiogram.

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