How to Add New Member in Ration Card

How to Add New Member in Ration Card

Ration card application is available at Akshaya centers.You can download online from copy can be submit to Taluk Supply Office, Village Office.

New Ration Card

Those who are included in the cardholder’s name and those who have already been transferred must have the proof of residence from the local institution (residential certificate) and the income certificate from the village office to take ration cards. Presently, the ration card must include the copy of the applicants and the owner’s consent.

Auder copy of everyone involved in the new card must be included with the application. The new card will issue the application for a photo ration card of the card holder and give it with a photo application.

People living in rent will have to produce all of these documents. The applicants should get a lien certificate and the copy of the lease holder and the building owner’s consent.

To add a new member

A copy of the birth certificate is required for children below the age of 12 years.

If a cardholder is involved in a ration card outside the Taluk, it must produce a redundancy certificate from the taluk.

Those who do not have a card should produce a certificate of MLA.

Make correction

You need to make any correction and the relevant documents should be presented with the application. Name, Name of the Home: Revenue: A certificate from the Local Authority for verifying the certificate issued by the Village Officer for the above purpose and for editing the Ward /

To get a duplicate card

The application for the duplicate card must be signed by the cardholder and ration dealer license by filling out the court fee stamp of Rs.10 rupees.

To change one to another Taluk / State

Specific specimen application and copy of ration card specifying that any member should be transferred to the Taluk / State.

Change the card to another taluk or state

In order to get a surrender certificate, the application form and ration card original should be presented at the Taluk Supply office.

To avoid the expatriate status

Application of the ration card holder and copy of the passport of the expatriate. The concerned person must also attend the original passport.

To the priority section

The marks used to examine the priority category of the free ration will be obtained only when filled in the filled in columns. The priority segment is treated by the destitute, destitute, Scheduled Castes, Classes, Widows, Unwed Mothers, Relatives, Deputies, Members and Homes.

For certificates from Supply Offices

The name of the old card holder and the name on the new card should not be given the copy of the two cards and the required form of application form to get a non-vaccination certificate. Those who are not renovated in the taluk of the existing card should have to produce a related (original) application to get a non-renewal of card in another taluk card.

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