Best Business Ideas in Kerala With Small Investment

Best Business Ideas in Kerala With Small Investment

Best Business Ideas in Kerala With Small Investment , Small scale business ideas in Kerala.There are more details below.In this video am explaining about a business plan which has the chance to make a great profit of 60,000/- per month.


What business can you start? You have to figure it out yourself. Anyone can tell you what business you can start. But no one can tell you which business suits you best and you can succeed. If the business starts with the idea that someone else is proposing it, it may not be successful. When it comes to any business, it is best if you are in the comfort zone. So much better if you can taste it. You don’t have to start a business just to make money. Instead, you should aim for success. You have to work hard to make your own business successful. If you work hard to ensure success, the money will automatically come. Work to make the product, or service, the best you can. Purchase it and aim only to satisfy the users. That is the only way to success.

A close look at your surroundings will help you figure out what product to offer or what to offer.

Whatever it is, start with very little. It should start with very little investment. Step by step, expand your business only when you are sure of success and marketability. Start small and make it small. If the setback is made, the impact will be smaller. Let’s start with a room at home first. Employees should only be used at the outset. Let family members do all the work themselves. Don’t expect big profits first. Get back from the knees. There must be a fair reward for the work you do. Let this be the first consideration. There are many business opportunities in Kerala which anyone can try. Many hobbies can be turned into business. Let’s get acquainted with a few of them.

Introducing five business ideas , starting with women alone or at a very low cost. These are products that are better marketable. Other features include lack of high technical know-how and lack of legal traits. Amendments can be made to the local taste and nature. The sale of credit will be low. Once you have better revenue, you can invest in more investment. You should contact the department’s offices to get more suggestions and services.

Cloth bags

Construction of fabricated bags is an enterprise that can be used for tailoring ladies. Cloth bags are the most convenient bags used. Its market is now well developed. These bags are packed in the bag shops but do not get these bags on different sizes and designs. The design of the cloth bag is to design a variety of shapes and sizes. Well designed and easy to capture the market. These women can come home as self-employment ventures for ladies.

Bags can be made with thick and large fabrics. There are also bags carryable in a purse shape. Open at a time and use it. Bags are sold out well through the shops. There are women who are directly concentrating on individuals and institutions. Polyester, which is available at very affordable prices, produces bags with banyan cloth and thick cotton cloth. These clouts are also available on the public market too. The bags can also be created using the root cloth.

Necessary fixed investment

1. Building: 250 sq. M. Feet
2. Tailor machines (2 motor driven modern machines) 2 nos
= 45,000.00
3. Cutting table, other tailoring tools, stool etc. = 15,000.00
Total = 60,000.00
Repetitive investment
1. The cloth is Rs 50 for 10 days (240 m) per day (5 × 10x 240) = 1,20,000.00
2. For wages of Rs. 500 for three persons (3 × 500 10 10) = 15,000.00
Stitching materials, packing materials etc. = 8000.00
4. Tea, cabling, transportation = 7000.00
Total = 1,50,000.00
E. Total Investment (A + A) = 2,10,000.00
U Production of a day in 10 bags of 80 rupees (in various sizes) at Rs 230 per day (80 230 230 ¡10) = 1,84,000.00
Shine 10 day profits (1,84,000 -1,50,000)
= 34,000.00
A. Profit per month (25 days) = 85,000.00
5 per cent (Rs. 4,250) is calculated monthly
Net profit (85,000-4,250) = 80,750.00 / –
(Cloth bags are sold at a price of Rs 50 to Rs 500), from which there are patches to Big Shopers and the average price is 230).

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