New Business Ideas in Kerala – Earn Rs 60,000 per Month

Do You Want to Earn Rs 60,000per Month? without Any Risk.

Yes, of course, the best option is a poultry farm. We can earn up to Rs.60000 per month. Of course, there is a small high-tech poultry farm here, which can also help housewives, the elderly and children. The method is practised in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu under the Nest Quality Organic Farming Group. Now we can also start a franchise in Kerala. If we have about 500 chickens, we can make a profit of Rs.50000-Rs.60000 per month.

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The project was started with the aim of producing poultry completely organically. We will start generating income from this project in a few weeks which started with an investment of RR. 85,000. What we get in a package starting from Rs. 85,000, the service is for a period of 45 months. In addition, 100 six-month-old chickens will receive their cage. Or according to the limitations of our place, we will build high-tech Tata steel cages respectively.

Only about 150 square meters of space are needed for about a hundred chickens. First of all, you will provide us with 100 live chickens that are six months old. These can be replaced up to three times in 45 months with full insurance coverage. In addition, they provide the services of a veterinarian for their treatment. Will provide all services in full compliance.

New Business Ideas in Kerala

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We will start earning income within A few weeks, the company will collect more than 500 hens to lay their eggs from the spot land at a fixed price. Where there are about 100 chickens, we can get Rs.10000 to Rs.15000 a month excluding all expenses and if will 500 chickens in a batch, we can get a profit Rs. 50000 to Rs 60000 a month. It is the best option for part-time and full-time earning.

  • Which is the best earing of farming?
  • How many square feet are needed for living 100 chickens?
  • Who will provide insurance and medical treatment?

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