Soura kseb/ kseb solar project

Soura kseb/ kseb solar project ,500 Mega watt from Rooftop Solar Projects. 300 Mega watt from Ground mounted Solar Projects

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Would anybody deserve anything when a treasure hits back? No, it’s wrong. There are still a large number of people who do not want to be in Kerala. It is about the Niruppura Nedhi. Yes, about the aurora in the axis of the sun.

Longevity is going on for energy generation based hydel power projects. Due to global warming, water resources are dried up. Other than the government’s support for solar projects is another. The solar radiation that exploits the earth is the solution to the energy crisis!

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This may well follow you! A completely solar home!
Solarjam is completely free except on starting from the initial investment. Place the panels on the roof where the roof is placed directly on the roof. The solar power can be retained in the battery and the internal solar system can be used for internal purposes. One kilowatt capacity solar power system will get 100 units of electricity per month.

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Place the 10 square meter space on the floor and place it on the panel. Panel can also be put on its sloping roof. The panel should face the south side. The sun’s motley path, the possibility of falling trees and other buildings.

There are two types of solar inverters on-grid and off-grid. There is a system to supply electricity to our Government after that. This is accomplished through on-grid penetration. If this is done, the KSEB officials will come and check if they are satisfied. The corresponding amount of electricity supplied to the government will be relaxed from the electricity bill. The system’s efficiency is that the cost of the battery is profit. The lack of current on the KSEB line is that it does not get current in the home.

Solar panels set in the Congratulations Community Health Center
A battery costs 20,000. The amount of electricity you use at home and the time needed to count your back up is to select the battery. A one-day backup of 1200 Watt and they have a Watt Hour capacity.

The three kWh system needs enough for the four family members who use an AC. This can produce up to 12 units per day. During rainy season, up to six units. The on-grid system costs between Rs. 2.5 lakh and two lakhs. The panel includes panel, invert and surge protection unit. The amount spent on the on-grid basis can be recovered by five years of electricity savings. Off-grid is not too profitable, since the battery has to change. So more on demand is on grid.

Experts in the field say that it is a very bad idea to produce more solar heat in the heat. The sunlight absorbs silicon cells in the panels. They will improve their efficiency as the heat rises. Run panels entirely on a 25 degree Celsius.

If you do not give proper care as any other device, the solar plant will also be lost. Panels should be washed in at least two months. If the dust falls, the effectiveness of the panel will decrease. You need to install the lightning rescuers and get them clean.

According to statistics, the electricity bill will be reduced by at least 60 per cent if implemented with a proper solar system. Tell me, do not get this free gift?

The Government will get subsidy from the government for setting up the solar plant. There are several Nodal Agencies operating in the country. In Kerala, there are attractive subsidies offered by the Government for Non-Conventional Energy and Rural Technology.

Under the ‘Solar Smart’ project, Rs. 40,500 per kg is available for off-grid inverter systems. The subsidy is Rs 18,000 per on-grid system. This subsidy belongs to the central government. In addition, subsidy is also provided by the state government. Approaching the local self-government institutions will get a 20 per cent subsidy for the project

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