10 Profitable business ideas in Kerala

Best profitable businesses you can start in Kerala, There are many small business opportunities in Kerala for entrepreneurs seeking fast retirement.

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1. Ladies footwear manufacturing

The demand for women’s shoe is increasing. Using raw materials and raw materials can start with small-scale industry. Women’s shoe industry knowledge and current design trend are important. In developing countries, there is a good chance of exporting these products.

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2. The leather accessories store

Selling Fashion and Trendy leather goods and materials from a retail outlet is one of the most profitable leather business ideas. The location of this business is important. This will help your customers to choose the right product.

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3. Leather bag construction

If you have a moderate startup capital and a small space, you can start making leather bags. It is easy to get a leather bag manufacturing business with fashion or training in fashion designing.

4. Create artifacts

Leather crafting is a good idea to start a small, initial business venture. It can start at home with simple tools and much more. Some of these are belt, decorative items, ladies accessories, hair accessories, wall accessories, purse, pet caller and key chain.

5. Leather export

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If you live in a wealthy country with various types of leather products and leather processing throughout the country, you can think of starting your own leather export business. The leather export market is very organized. You may collect the required data from the Export Council Department. This business requires too many licenses to start.

6. Make leather furniture

Leather upholstery and furniture manufacturing is one of the most profitable leather business ideas. Sofa and other furniture, home decor items for domestic purposes, leather seat and seat covers are all harvested with huge profits.

7. Leather Jewelry

The most attractive style fashion jewelery. The chairs, earrings, necklace, mask, and bones are all leather jewelery items.

8. Leather Safe Shoes Construction

Shoespeff is designed specifically to protect the legs from harmful products or chemicals. Usually such shoes are used by various industries such as chemical, construction and mining. Export possibilities are also good as well as domestic market safety shoes. You can start this industry with a modest capital investment.

9. Leather shoe construction

Leather shoe business is one of the most profitable businesses. It is important to have adequate knowledge of the process and the current market trend.

10. Create a leather watch band

The leather watch band is typically considered a B2B product. Business types and networking are important factors in marketing these products. There are good demand in the export market for innovative and creative products.


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