Sarathi driving license Kerala new updates

Sarathi driving license kerala : Driving license in India is an official document. It has the power to operate various types of motor vehicles for harvers and other roads that are accessible to the public.

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All india -run Motor Vehicle Department has been in the process of implementing the sarathi driving license of the Government of India as part of bringing together unified licenses across the country.

sarathi driving license software was set up at offices. By January, the applicants will start receiving smart licenses through the new system. The licenses are provided through software called SmartMove. Documents in one office are not available in other offices in this system.

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sarathi driving license Unified web-based software is aimed to get the best service to ensure the security of online licenses to prevent the irregularities that led to the ‘Leader’ was prepared. Driving licenses issued by ‘Saryathi’ will have a centralized number system. These will be available at all motor vehicles department offices in the country. Let’s examine the license authenticity from anywhere. RTO of the state Training for personnel in offices will be completed by the end of December.

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