inverter ac and normal ac difference : compare inverter ac and normal ac

inverter ac and normal ac difference , If you are thinking of taking an air conditioner for the latest and most efficient technology in today’s market for inverter technology air conditioner . However, let’s look at Invertor Technology and see it different from a non-inverter AC

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Air condensers use most of the household appliances. Split A/C is profitable in power consumption than window s. Inverter Essier is even better. The 1.5 t power AC will be used at 1.5 units per hour. But an Investor Essia is only 0.91 units. Do not forget that Buying 5  Star Ratings will help reduce power consumption.

How much to save
The cost of an annual electricity consumption of 5 hours on the old AC day is 272732.
Inverter AC: 16,670
Profit: Rs 10,702.

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What is the difference between Normal AC and Inverter technology AC

Inverter A / C  : There is a lot of misconceptions about the A / C that works with the inverter at home. Actually not that. The current alternating current (AC) we use today is from direct battery or direct current. The benefit of our household is using AC currents. When the AC is placed on the yakimati battery, the current drive goes back to DC and the battery back into our light and the fan. The inverter is called because AC is the DC converter, which acts as a DC AC drive.

Inverter A / C may in the interior function of the A / C also mentioned earlier. Not only that battery does not use. Instead of switching the AC to DC, the switch will also change. When changing, the air has made some changes to the power segment. A question is why why change the AC to DC as YAT. This is where the operation of Invertor A / C is explained. A / C off the heat when the cold air we set in the normal air conditioners and the heat on the A / C is on the rise. Thus, A / C is continually turned on and off, and a lot of power is wasted.

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Inverter A / C does not have a continuous on-offs. We set the air conditioner to tanuppakumpeal their activity is slowing down, that is set to tanuppakumpeal pinnitanneatt made some changes to the air kantisanarilekkulla AC power at the time of the transfer, ie the sum of AC DC DC yakkimarri again with inverter technology and lifestyle that can only pass into the air instead of kantisanarukalilekku very low vaidhyuti Lu, so keep up the set to cool very well. Relaxation makes it even more convenient to drive away. That is why the inverter ACs are relatively less expensive.

More transactionalities with higher star ratings provide higher liability profit. Therefore, it is best to buy inverter A / C with more star ratings.

Air condensers’ outdoor unit is manufactured in copper, alloy and aluminum and there are changes in the price of air conditioners. In a higher price, the copper is better than other metals. The longer it stands, the faster it can be, the easier it is to repair the process. Alloy is good at the coasts. The price of A / C for aluminum is very low. However, the maintenance is only a little older.

When you buy A/C

Buying AC should be based on the size of the room. Buying an AC on the Star Rating can save you electricity. Determine the number of strands as per the consumption of power consumption.The power consumption can reduce the number of storms. For five star ACs, the minimum power is enough. Be aware of the capacity of the AC, energy efficiency, and convenient controls. The scooter is available in the market since the tip of the AC. On average, a family of one tonne is enough. Attach the AC according to the room size. Price changes accordingly. The price of good AC will stand at over Rs 20,000. The market is comprised of Windows, Inverter and Split A. LG, Samsung, Godrej, BlueStar, Voltas,Videocon and many other companies are active in the market.

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