How death happens with sunburn

How death happens with sunburn ,Sunburn is a phenomenon that causes the body cells to become exposed to the radiation from the sun.

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Ultraviolet radiation is the primary cause of sunburn. Those who work long hours in severe sunburns are more likely to sunburn. It is a serious problem that can lead to overcrowding. Death can happen even if you do not get intensive care. It’s easy to get sunbathing in children and in the older ones. If the inertia is exacerbated by severe heat, the body will not be able to control the heat. The activity of the brain, liver, kidneys, lungs, heart, and the heart can affect the higher temperatures. Sunscreen can occur over two or three days due to the lack of drinking water needed to get rid of it. Those who work hard in excess heat can have sunsets in a short time.

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Sunburn Treatment

The main concern for the primary treatment is to cool the body. After transplanting to shady place, wash it off with cold water. Putting ice in the ice and flavor may increase heat loss. Then the patient should be taken to the hospital immediately and subjected to specialized treatment

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Heat cramps, Heat syncope, and Heat stroke are health problems that may be employed at high temperatures.Heat cramps can also be used for miners and fire fighters. This is a powerful pain that can cause muscle and muscles in the legs and belly by losing water and minerals. Sometimes it may be headache and dizziness. If you drink saline water or use the ORS, you will be relieved soon.

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Heat syncope is caused by water loss due to high temperatures. Symptoms include headache, fatigue, nausea, sleepiness, vision blur and vomiting. This leads to anemia, sweat and blood pressure. Krishnamani develops and the pulse becomes weak and the respiratory system is slow. If untreated, death can occur. Remove the person from the hi-tech atmosphere, rest, rest, or if necessary, carry the water and minerals to the body.

Heat stroke is the result of a disruption in the body’s thermal control system. Heat stroke occurs when there are high temperatures and moisture in the atmosphere. The blood flow in the bloodstream accompanied by the skin will be stupefied and the function of sweat groit will slow down. The body temperature will be more than 41 degrees Celsius and there will be signs of dizziness, epilepsy, and consciousness.

If sunlight is directly in the body, it can be called sunburn. This is a problem that can even be triggered by immediate intensive care. The hypothalamus in our brain keeps the body’s temperature within a fixed range. But when the internal heating rises sharply due to the severe heat, all of this thermal control mechanism in the body is damaged.

What to do

  • The patient should be shifted from sunlight to shade.
  • Dip the water until it gets hot. Bathing.
  • If the patient is in a room with AC or the fan base, it should be followed.
  • Give lots of water to drink. If the saline can get the salinity, it is good.
  • Delivering a solution of ORS and coriander water can help you get lost loses.
  • Do not use black coffee or black tea. It will cause water loss in the body.
  • Take the patient to a nearby hospital.

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