How To Reduce Home Temperature Without Air Conditioning

How To Reduce Home Temperature, Ways To Keep Your Home Cool Without Air Conditioning.

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In hot months, the AC or you are trying to get off the front of the fan. But this is not the only strategy to keep the cold. There are many ways to buffet your house from heat to heat your electric bill

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Those who stroll out the stairs were sitting in the house at home. That too is a waste and no share.Those who melt in the house today come out and seek relief in the shade of any tree. It’s time to have fun. Air-conditioners are air conditioners for those Malayalees who are burning in the bloody supply. Many people are curious to ignore the dream houses that millions have spent when they smash the Esp seized. It’s the moments of winter months that weighed down the dust of lasting century and old whites and materiel.

There is a man who has wandered old houses in the country of that cold. Its testimony is the Kollam Mayan, the top of the exterior greetings at Kollam, which was built in modern technology. The cheapest home prepared is. Faculty of Architecture in TKM College, Kollam AS Dili is the master of this coolhouse.
In advanced countries there are a lot of researchers who propose the inner walls and inner walls.

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In the old houses, hidden natural disasters, cold storage places, and so on. However, these research studies have shown that in countries where the most important foreign countries are less than 150 years old, But in Kerala there is a little less than 300 years old Nilambur Kovilvikas. But no one has come forward to learn about these fences or their underground constructions.

He began his research in 2007 at NIT, Kozhikode on the topic ‘Inactive Heating Controls in Traditional Houses’. This was the first time a study was conducted in Kerala.
In this section, researchers in parts of the northeastern states and Hyderabad are present in Kerala.

Three years of intensive tests conducted in the underground sections of the centuries, palaces, and quadrilaterals that are still taking place in some of the places of Kerala. After graduating from the post of doctorate, he was the result of his studies and experiments. The total cost of building a 1350 square foot house was only Rs 6.80 lakh.

The 70th year old kaiya is the only one with a lower weight on the shoulder’s shoulder. Dilettayne was the reconfiguration of the cold in old numbers, which took place directly to the construction work. It was time for us to move from race to camp to karavil.

The terrace of the home has changed many times in the lower ground, due to development. The entire house could be utilized as it has advanced with the scientific methods of construction.
Outside steps go to the rooftop overlooking the porch of old fingers.

Staircase is also under construction. The living room and a bedroom are made in the same line. You need to step out of the living room to get into other parts of your home. The steps that are made of granite are removable to the needy. The padded coated steel sheets are the main mover. It is supported by GI pipelines. Embellishment of embellishment is made of white sheet fabric made of solid hollow blocks that are very thick and thick.

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