ATM Card Fraud in India – Steps to Avoid ATM Fraud

ATM Card Fraud in India , The debit card cloning being done in various parts of India have become a regular phenomenon these days.The new type of fraud Everyone must necessarily know.

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The call comes by saying you are a bank employee. It will also talk about banking topics. Here is the start of the scam.

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The fraudsters will tell you the name of your name and address and even your birthday to make sure these calls are honest.

The call will come from the landline number to increase reliability.

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You can scare your card to block and then try again.

The next scam is said to give reward points to your credit card.

You may be advised to organize a card that is currently being used to get more of your attention. But be careful not to fall into the scandal.

In order to continue the call, your debit / credit card will have to keep an eye on the Customer ID.

Next, your bank account information will be searched by the fraudster team. Information is misleading users for various reasons.

More than this, send the OTP message to your number. Someone is falling off the scapegoat. Such people would think that the call is received from the call bank.

The above method is the newly-spaced poaching call in online fraud. How to use the phone call to get the money online using the online banking account.

Money from the wizarding will be transferred to accounts in other states and other states. Because of this, you can not pursue the money that you’ve gone through.

A bang official also does not call you and ask for personal information. Contact the nearest bank branch if this happens.


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