Motorists riding two-wheelers without helmets and getting involved in accidents will not be eligible .

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High Court has ruled that motorist riding two wheelers without helmet will be ineligible for insurance compensation,The District Certification Authority of the District Legal Services Authority and the Member Secretary informed that road accidents without helmets and facing accidents are no longer eligible for insurance.

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Which Insurance?
There are two types of insurance insurance policies. One Third Party Insurance is one. This is compulsory depending on the country’s automobile law. The vehicle is entrusted to you, including the insurance company, when the vehicle is purchased.

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Comprehensive health insurance policy is a policy that can be used to get compensation, including theft or theft. This is a package policy covering insurance cover for vehicle, passengers and goods based on vehicle prices. The cost will increase compared to the third party policy. Firearms, explosions, self-fire, thunderstorm, lash, agitation, strikes, accidental exterminations, damaging actions, natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, thunderbolts, storms, hurricanes, tsunami etc. are caused by damage to the vehicle.

No Claim Bonus (NCB)
No Claim Bonus is a premium to the insurance companies premium paid annually to the owners who maintain vehicles without causing or causing the accidents. If the old vehicle is exchanged for a new vehicle and the old ones are forced to refurbish the insurance, it will help reduce the premium amount if you know about the NCB. It will get up to 50%.

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Venture Access
If the car owner does not own a certain amount and does not claim as much as that amount, the discount will be paid at the premium. If you do not care about this, many will be less prima facie. It will also be lost when approaching a claim.

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