GSM or Cell Phone based Pump Motor Controller review

Today this we are going to construct a farmer friendly GSM controller pump circuit turn on and off the irrigation system.

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Mobile mobility controllers use mobile mobile GSM technology to control and monitor motor pumps. Samarth Mobile Motor Pump can be run by any mobile phone or any mobile phone from any place in India via voice call or SMS. The running pad of motor pumps and factories will inform farmers through motor voice-calling calls.

GSM Remote Pump Controller is an instrument to control and monitor electronic motors, agribusiness, and automatic pump set through mobile phones. This is the GSM-based pump controller for switching off electric motors using on or off pump sets or cell phone in a remote location. This SMS or GSM pump motor controller helps farmers to handle farm pump sets easily. A farmer can set up three schedules pumped on to turn on and off automatically. Farmers help save lives from snake during the night, save water, time and electricity. A SIM card is required for its operation.

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GSM or Cell Phone  Controller

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