Things to Keep in mind before buying an inverter

Things to Keep in mind before buying an inverter .Before you buy an inverter for your home, this is known to about your overall energy consumption.

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How much capacity should you have before you buy the inverter, should you buy a battery tube or a battery and inverter for the same company? Need to buy a battery invert or buy two? Is there something special about buying a signature venture? Is solar iinverter good? There are doubts about doubts.

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How long does the current go for a day? Are these long-standing power beds that sometimes have short-lived power beds? Everything needs to be known before the inverter can buy some of the basic tools that many home appliances have to run in the instructor. It would be different in everyone’s circumstances. Air conditioners, heaters, pump sets, refrigerators, and more frequently used power-ups, can not be used in instructors. It’s not that there is no capacitant inverter that can be used, but it does not get much better than the generators. Therefore, it is intended to mention only the inducements for average domestic use.

LDD bulbs, lighting lights etc, and two or three fans A television is sometimes a computer – this is what’s going to be an in-house curve in the context of Kerala’s inflow of inverter – “it was better to use a mixer” I hear a shit T? It is true – do you not need to consider that need to go current in the blink of the coconut to make the coconut be an eternal event? But there are some rules. Let’s talk about that.

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First let’s increase the load. An LED bulb from 10 to 15 watts, 60 to 80 watts per fan, television LDE, up to 80 watts per screen size. Consider all this. That means you want to drive 3 wattled LED bulb and a 60 watt LED TV and two ceiling fans (75 watts each) Total power (3 × 10) +60+ (75 × 2) = 240 watt. All 20 of these devices will have to add up to 20% of energy loss because they will work in an 80% Effip. And how much VA will be lodged. Ie 288 VA. This is the required load. But there are some problems here too. These devices use little more energy while on the go. That means, LD TV is 60 watt but only in seconds it turns on, it uses between 120 and 150 watts. This startling loading will have differences in the case of many devices. So one problem must be taken into account. So, we take into account that the input capacity of the input is 500 VA. But do not we get the induction of 500 VA, because we are not merely calculated? In the market, all of the good companies start at 650 VA. Then there is easy selection. You can buy one above 650 VA. Did not forget the lot of the lodging of the lot of the loader? The usual mix used by our homes is up to 500 watts and up to 950 wats. There is not much electricity used, but the start of the mix will have double the load. Therefore, it is not desirable to run in a mixer inventor. But I think that if the coconut for the coconut was crushed, it would be painful. To worry, we need to add the inveter’s capacity. 650 can be purchased from 850 or 950. The price will be slightly different. It’s just that all other lights should be turned off before the blizzard can be used. And do not try to run 900 watts of mix. Come back to Inventor. With a price difference between 650 VA and 850-900 VA Inverter, you can choose a bigger one. I do not know when you need to use some extra time for some time.


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