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CCTV cameras are becoming more common. There are several institutions and individuals in this area.

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CCTV cameras are becoming more common. There are several institutions and individuals in this area. Many people are installing camera after buying CCTV out of a lot of people’s hands or institutions, where a lot of people go behind the price, and many will be willing to pay because they are too much chromatin, but there are many things to be heard on the go.

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Choose best camera
The camera’s clarity of each company varies

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Camera power is generally in pixel

Clarity differs with 1 megapixel (1 mp), 2 megapixel (2mp), but each company’s camera is the same pixel.

When selecting Hardys
The camera recording is hard for Hardcasts in this HardyCard look like our desktop’s Hard Disk and uses CCTV

Desktop hardcases are a little more expensive than CCTV Hardix for 24 Days. In some cases, some of them are using desktop hard drives in the DVR (otherwise they will have no plans to go to the service)

When selecting DVR
This is where the customer is more likely to be cheated. The DVR comes in 4,8,16,32 channels. You can only install Max 4 cameras in a channel dvr. You need 8 channel DVR to install the camera.

This DVR also has 1 mp, 2.3,4,5 mp or megapixel. Usually 1 mp camera will work in 2 mp dvr. However, some of the experts will have a 2 MP camera at 1 MP dvr. The live view offers up to 2 MP, but only 1 MB of recording is available. When it comes to the price of DVR, they say to the customers at a lower price than the 2 MP’s market price and they profoundly misunderstand it and fall into deception.

Use only good CABLE
When selecting cable, choose only cable with full copper. We give money to many brands that are known in our markets for their brand names. The cable in these brands will be more or less aluminum or copper capped. But their fill copper cable is more expensive than cable power, which is used for government projects because the copier is more luminoscent than aluminum (Copers vs aluminum). However, branded aluminum cable bars are made of full copper cable and some companies are manufactured in the market. Be sure to install the camera using avego ™ 3 + 1 cable.

Approach existing institutions.
Learn about that institution when receiving any service. Good companies will have their own technicalists for the service and they will be technically trained. But if you approach the freelancers in this area, they are less entrepreneurs, because they do not have an institution or a fee but they do not get the right services when they get other good jobs.

We hope this note will be helpful for those who are going to install the camera. Share the others to get this information

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