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You can withdraw five times without charging Is this correct?

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Many of the banks charge a service charge differently to withdraw money. In some banks free withdrawal is only five times. At least ten. The bank requires a check for over Rs. 5,000 transactions and the rest is to be done through the ATM. The service charges should be paid after the fixed transaction.

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(For a period of 5 times from other SBA ATM ) will be charged Rs 20 per each subsequent withdrawal. HDFC Bank can withdraw free cash withdrawals at ATMs five times a month. Each subsequent withdrawal is charged at Rs. 20 per kg.

Federal Bank’s ATM cards can be used free of charge at the same bank’s ATM. You can withdraw six times for free with other ATM cards. For this purpose, Charges BI-Net Banking and Fund Transfer will be charged Rs 20 per transaction and Rs 15 for transactions up to Rs 2 lakh. The IMPS Fund Transfer is Rs. 4 for Rupees and Rs. 12 for Rupees Two Lakhs.

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Federal Bank’s Net Banking Net Fund Transfer is up to Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 lakh. Rs.2 lakh for Rs.2 lakh. The IMPS Fund Transfer is free. ATM services should now be used to identify precise information about the authorities in the bank who has an account. Learn about the balance sheet, the statement and the transferring of funds.

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