AC buying tips : Things to keep in mind when buying

AC buying tips : Buying An Air Conditioner In India – Everything You Want To Know;

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Hot and hot weather is the main reason behind the fan. The launch of the sedan and the less expensive power models made it possible to see the time of the AC.

March-May is the season of seasonal sales. At this time the 70-80% of the company’s total sales in the state are sold at this time. If you intend to buy AC to your house, take care of the following.

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The size of the room is important

The size of the room should be fixed by the capacity of the ssi. Only then can you ensure maximum efficiency in low power. The AC is the preferred choice for AC scores above 80 sq ft. The AC with a tonne capacity of 80 to 140 square feet will be enough. The one-and-half-tonne AC will have a capacity of 140 to 180 square feet. If 180 to 200 square feet is large, AC will have two tonnes capacity.

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Want to be an Inverter AC or Non Inverter AC?

What is called Inverter AC – Normal AC is cooled by the Compressor on Off configuration. If we set the temperature of 23 degrees C, the compressor will work and then turn off. When the temperature rises, the compressor reappears. However, the compressor does not turn off when it comes to the temperature set in Inverter AC, but reduces the compressor speed by using less power. This keeps the temperature accurate and reduces power consumption.

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