Typing Hero Text Expander, Best Typing App

Typing Hero is one of the most popular applications for Android when it comes to text expansion.

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If you’re a smartphone user, you can make your life easier with a lot of text. In fact, desktop users have enjoyed text expansors over the years, a quick build to write a recurring style and text.The typing heater is a text expression app that transfers your own keyword into the longer text that you need in an instant. Set a keyword for each sentence by typing in the Typing Hero and use the Typing Hero service. For example, your home address can only be written by Typing Hero

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The user’s user interface is very clean. You can create custom words or style lists with a single tap, no need to go to any complex menus. Once you have installed the app, the application will ask you for access to the service authorization so that text can be tracked and handled as you type.

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Typing Hero This is much higher in a simple text expander. That is, you can observe your clipboard and capture information from the URLs and send it to Evernote and act as a web clipart. Like Texpand, it’s very easy because it’s simple and easy to use user interface with EverClip. To create a new shortcut or text, tap on the “New” button and select the appropriate category

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