Save money on your electric bill | low electricity bill tips

Save money on your electric bill | low electricity bill tips .Quick and easy tips for reducing your electricity bill without making some small changes to your home

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How to calculate electricity bill

0-50 units – 2.90 rupees
51-100 units – 3.40 rupees
101-150 units – Rs 4.50
151-200 units – Rs 6.10
201-250 units – 7.30 rupees
251 -300 units For For Unit 5.50
301-350 units (For Total Unit) 6 .20 Rs
351-400 units (For Total Unit) Rs
401-500 units For For Unit 6.70
Above 500 units (For Total Unit) 7.50

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If your consciousness is 200, you should give 200 x 6.10 = 1220. If this is 201, 201 X 7.30 = 1467.3 the difference is 247.3.

Save money on your electric bill

  • Set thermostat of the thermostat to the higher temperature
  • If you do not have a home, you can save AC after cycling.
  • No running bulbs should be placed near the TV unit of the TV. This will make AC more work.
  • Do not miss the lighting of your lights when you leave home.
  • Use LED bulbs that require less power consumption.
  • Keep the fridge at original temperature. Adjust the food to 1.5 to 3.5 Celsius and freeze-18 celsius.
  • If all the charging devices charge for charging, including mobile charger, immediately switch off.
  • Open the tap on the face wash. Do not forget to close the tap on the teeth while brushing the teeth. Only after washing the brushes enough water to wash.
  • Do not throw food out. The food that runs into the soil can cause methane production. Throwing food will also cause your pocket to decay.

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