The certificates will be arrive at home

People in Delhi will get doorstep delivery of 40 government services including obtaining . now renew their driving licences or get their marriage registration done from home. For the various types of certificates, the subcontinent will not have to go to government offices, officials will be able to collect the necessary information and collect certificates.Though the Delhi government had planned to implement the project earlier this year, the Lt Governer was delayed following the decision of the governor. “Services are no longer domestic. This is a revolution in the administration. This is a big deal for corruption. It is very suitable for the people. This is the first such case in the world. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Twitter

According to the plan, forty servicemen will get homework.People need to go to the government office and queue for getting these services. Initially, caste certificates and driving licenses will be available. Pay Rs 50 more to get home shopping. A special team will be appointed to provide services. Get these people out of the personal agency. The list of services includes caste certificates, fresh water connection, income certificate, driving license, ration card, marriage certificate and vehicle copy.

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The Kejriwal government is the answer to the question of what genuine people’s government is now ruling the country.This is not for the sake of a scandal. This is what Delhi’s allies have written on the tears and the AAP government’s great power.

Since the inception, the Kejriwal government has been able to overcome the “breath” in the intervention of the BJP-administered government of the central government and later by the central government-appointed Lt. Governor.This Survival Success Story of the state government came only when the state police and IAS officers were in control of the center.The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is projecting a new hope for the country among political parties which is seen as the only way to win the election manifesto.

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The Delhi Government has been launching a revolutionary project since late last year, providing around 40 services.People in the Capital have no more to go to government offices for services. Most of the public services like Marriage Certification, Driving License, Water Connection will be available at home.

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