Used Car Loan upto 95% | How to apply

Get up to 95% loan on your car value with flexible EMI repayment options, and quick disbursal of loans which makes Tata Capital the perfect choice for financing .

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Banks are very happy to give loans for new car buyers. But the pre-owned car is not easy. have used used cars know about the financial institutions and the necessary documents to get the loan.

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Who can get a loan?

The loan is available to the employer, the employer, those employed abroad and other income groups. Banks will be allowed to credit themselves by considering the score and ratings of the Credit Information Bureau of India Ltd. Private entities compromise on the terms. The age of those who take loans will be between 21-65 years. Monthly revenue per month can be up to 40% of EMIs. Salary earners should have more than three lakh annual income to get loan on SBT. The business class should have a 4 lakh lease. In SBI it is 200,000 lakh. Annual income will be levied 2.5 times.

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Any models

Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Toyota and Honda models are the most losers in the market. The models below 1000 cc are in A and 1000-1400 cc in B and the rest are C and D. The possibility of loan for vehicles belonging to A and B category is higher. The current condition of the car, maintenance system, market price is allocated to look at all. Estimated year of car registration.

Most financial institutions are not lending to more than three-wheeled cars. Private institutions do not have the correct interest rates. Due to the flat rate, you will have to pay the interest fixed on the loan until the loan is over. The bargaining rate is lowered due to the heavy competition. At least six months – Loan can be closed before the expiry of one year. Interest rates range from 1-5.75%. But you can close any of the public sector banks. No special charge. If the loan tap turns off, then the interest will be paid. Banks are given preference for authorized dealerships. Private financial institutions are also lending money to direct transactions and taxi cars.

Documents required

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ID proof (Paddock, Passport, Driving license, Bank Signature verification), PAN Card The pawn is mandatory for transactions and the transaction is less than ten lakh transactions ID must be provided on the return. Income tax returns will receive a reward of more than 5% of the loan amount), photo, land tax, building and tax records, the electricity bill, rental agreement (one of these etenkalum), the six-month bank statement.

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