How to book a fancy number for your vehicle online

How to book a fancy number for your vehicle online? Most people today see vehicles as a luxury. That is why most people choose expensive cars. At the same time, most people prefer to give the vehicle a fancy number.

But before that, you had to go directly to the RTO office to get the fancy number. Now you can apply for a fancy number online. The most important thing is the vehicle number. Thus choose it wisely. Because some are taking it as a lucky thing. Besides these are dependent on each person. A few documents are required to book a fancy number. A copy of a bank passbook, debit or credit card, and ID proof is required.

How to Book a Fancy Number for Your Vehicle-Parivahan Fancy Number Booking?

To do this, open the browser. Type in the website
Select the Online Service option from the main interface. Select the Fancy Number Booking option.

How to book fancy number for your vehicle
How to book fancy number for your vehicle

Then select your state and RTO office. Now you will get the list of a fancy number available in the RTO office provided by you.

400 numbers are updated every week. This means that the last 400 numbers provided will be available as the latest update. All these can be seen in green color.

Parivahan Fancy Number Booking
Parivahan Fancy Number Booking
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Some numbers may have been entered in red. The more expensive numbers are given in red. Next, you need to know if the number you selected is blocked by someone else.

To do this, left-click on the menu provided at the top of the page. This will give you a duplicate copy of the page.

Go to User Service Update again and select State, RTO. Now you will come to a page called Bidding Update. Enter the number you intend to book in the information provided here.

Take another duplicate copy to book the fancy number. Select the Fancy Home option. Select the New Public User option. Create a user ID and password. All the information required for this must be entered accurately.

Then open an account with your User ID and Password. Just type in the verification code you are asked for when logging in.

Now you can see that each number is given as a different category. To book a number, select the number selection given above. Refresh the page once and make sure the number is not booked.

You will then be taken to a page called Bidder Registration. There you have to fill in all the information exactly. Simply enter the Temporary Registration Number in the Registration Number section.

Also, provide the required ID proof information. The bank details should include the account number, branch name, and IFC code.

Select the Payment Gateway option. Enter the selected treasury here. Accept all the conditions. Complete the payment using any of the online methods.

You can book the fancy number of the vehicle from the comfort of your own home. For more information watch the video.

What is the importance of choosing a fancy number?

  • It shows the status symbol.
  • Eye-catching numbers.
  • Easy to remember these numbers.
  • Always get an attractive look.

The benefit of using parivahan to book fancy numbers

  • Easy to apply.
  • A lot of numbers are available.
  • Easy to block.
  • Minimum documents required.
  • An online payment facility is available.
  • No RTO office visit is required

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