Inverter installation video tutorial | How to Install Inverter at Home

Today we are going to know How to Install Inverter at Home, Inverter connection diagram videos . Load shedding in our country is very much so we need to install Inverter in our home and shop.

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when working with main supply please give some common sense and take necessary precautions the main supply can be fatal if you are not careful and up and don’t know what to do with that of a way that get started,

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hi there I am happy to see you after a long time 3 weeks I guess in the meantime I will moving to a new shop I read about the space and moon all the by humans in the shop during this period of time so please expect a shop to coming up soon today as a part of setting up the shop I am going to run electric calls in the room setup power socket connect UPS to the power supply and going to show you how do all these things.

these things this is the Luminous 875 a inverter this is a single cell in water which means that I can connect only one battery to word . you can see the wire connections this is the input via the socket connect to the AC supply and that charges for batteries these two wires connecting the batteries and the socket is might change according to different models in some models a socket will be replaced by screw terminals why you just have to score in your voice I am standing their food and touch UPS battery and nothing will happen you can still see UPSC even on that I can still touched and nothing will happen what you have to know this is I am not touching both the terminals together that stupidity that is something that you should I do now I have to remove these two wires to do that I’ll be using cutting player like it and I am not touch this together and I am not even going to try it but if somebody has tried it over the internet orofino the answers to that please put them in the comments

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There are different types of inverters. Swarm Wave Invertor, Quasi Square Wave Invertor, Sign Wave Invertor .. These names have been heard. This type of diagnosis is based on the behavior of the currents that give the inverters when operating on the battery. The power that comes from the electricity beds in our home is the signature pew. But in early times the inverters could not afford the signature wave of the purse instead of the square wave. Using expensive circuits to create a signature wave. Pure signature was not necessary to run all the normal electric bulb and fan. So there were some disadvantages, but the square wave inverters as an adjustment came to the injectors like the quasi square wave and stepped square wave that accompanied the signature wave. Fans are warm when used with invertebrates. There will be many vulnerabilities, such as wandering sounds from televisions and other sound boxes, and the tube lights are shaking. The sign wave inverters were generally not so popular in the market, as the price was quite different, despite all these problems. But now the situation does not differ significantly between the sign wave inverters and other normel inverters. So choose a signature ventators even if you give a ten or five hundred. That’s best for your lifespan and lifelong work.

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