How to KSEB LED Bulb registration online

Kerala State Electricity Board – KSEB is one of the best power utilities in India and the driving force behind development of the state of Kerala.


How to KSEB LED Bulb registration online

As part of the hike in KSEB in the state, households are now fully integrated into LEDs. The KSEB is planning to distribute LID bulbs completely in the homes after the low cost LEDs. Registration will begin from this month as part of the project. Around Rs 5,000 LDE bulbs will be allocated for providing LEDs to all the state-owned homes.

With the completion of the project, the existing bulb and CFL, which are currently in the household, are expected to be completely eliminated. Moreover, old LED bulbs and tube lights that are currently in use can be removed as part of the project.

Nearly 5 crore LD bulbs will be distributed by the end of June. In the second phase, 2.5 crore Led Tubes will be registered in September and will be completed by the end of the year. By 2020 there is no doubt that the entire LDF will be home to all the houses of the state.

The project is implemented with the KSEB and Energy Management Center in the state. For L LED bulbs can be registered till April 30. Owners of smartphones and computers can also register in cell phone and web site.

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The readers can book the LEDs in the required number of LEDs when non-customers can enter the 13-digit consumer number. The LD bulb of 9 watts will be offered at Rs 65 for the first time before the project, but it is comforting to pay the customer with one in six installments.

The old LDE bulb is present when new LD bulbs are given. Tube and a small service charging can be collected and used to split glasses and mercury by reducing them. For the distribution of LED bulbs, section offices in these areas will be available at public places (bus stand and railway station) and through Kudumbasree, whichever is needed and the current bill identification document. In the second phase, the LED tube was distributed and the Holder Maruti was transferred to September to provide shelter to install these houses. At present, the bulk of the LED wired LED bulbs in the 9 watt is priced between Rs 110 and 130. The KSEB had paid 2 L LED bulbs for paying Rs 130 per electricity bill. The CFL has also provided free of cost for consumption as part of the reduction of home use during 2013-14. KSEB is planning to enlarge the entire houses of the state and LED light bulbs through the KSEB Sampurna project after a profit and 2 LDE bulb distribution.

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