How to check mobile original or duplicate

How do you know if your mobile phones are original or copy?

Obviously the original goods are getting less profitable, so many shops sell the local goods for a gain of profits. The main reason for this is that the company sells the company at the same price at large malls and company stores at the retail price, and the price of electronic devices like mobile phones. Mobile watch etc are getting more copies of electronic goods.Now let’s understand how a mobile is not a copy?  Mobile copy is a common problem to understand. Do you have two types called China Copy High Copy in Copy Mobile?

Comparing an original mobile and local mobile, you can see the motherboard board of the mobile phone in the back of the phone and can see the ground point of circuits in the mobile board of the original mobile.

The copies of mobile are likely to have their hand gloss sticker pointed out [2] to understand their mobile. The flash will be flashed on the mobile with the flash of [3]

It is understood that in any country, the number of the two mobile phones identifier, which is marked on the mobile phone, the two elsewhere in the two slash ladders, 05,06, 05,06, etc. China is made by mobile phones in Vietnam, Hungary, Finland and Korea Everything is wrong.

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If the camera is copied between the copy and the original camera, the camera will be a blurred color camera. In the display, the copy will be painted on the yellow color of the mobile. Copy code is known as refresh in the name of the dealer.
Mobile OS UPDATION is not possible in copy.
Copy mobile is less than the original .The china copy mobiles will quickly understand

Why sell mobile phones?

Could it be possible for the retail sale of copier mobile to stand up to the depths of the market?
Selling a huge price on online stores is also a reason to forbid copies
Compliant during the original mobile warranty is a one-time service that takes time to come back.
If it ‘s like a circle, it’ s refreshing to another customer for a mobile buyer from a customer.
Example: Nearly SAMSUNG company GALAXY S 4 in India has been reduced to Rs. 10000 per phone.
Dealer’s company will pay back the price when it comes to such a downside, but it does not give it to retailers.

How does it come to the market?

Mother Tees in China, India and abroad are often accessed via mobile ports [PCB – Power Circuit Boat] Sea Ports and assemble without any security in secret locations.

Health problems that can occur if you use it

These mobile phones are overheating in the internet calling time and there is a reason for hearing from the radiation. Charging time is possible to break off this mobile. Most of the cases have been reported in Arab countries. SAR VALUE Using unregulated mobile phone is the cause of cancer in the brain, due to the eye deficiencies.

Copy to mobile Arab countries

In this category, smartphones such as E51 and Sony Tipo are said to be remotely in the camera.
In the market, a number of mobile phones, which have been stopped by the company,[button color=”green” size=”medium” link=”” icon=”” target=”true” nofollow=”true”]CHECK IMEI NUMBER[/button]

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