Muslim Pro: Azan, Quran, Qibla

The Islamic Mobile Application . Muslim Pro is an Islamic mobile application with accurate prayer time, azan clock, full audio Quran, Halal restaurants & Mosques guide, Qibla locator, Islamic Hijri calendar, etc

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When technology is used, efficiently, Allah can help us when we are close to God. All of us are trained or waiting for doctors, and the Islamic apps are not stupid. Instead of staying awake for the waiting, you would get hundreds of good work in your book! Muslim apps will improve your mood instantly, and you will be even more enjoyable!

The 2019 Ramadan month will be completed by 2019 Ramadan calendar. will see 2019 Ramadan time and Ramadan Sheri Time. There are many countries in the calendar and calendar calendar under the Ramadan 2019 calendar. You can see the Ramadan and the list. The Iftar times and the Ramzan date are checked in the Islamic calendar. Fast calendar Ramadan The calendar of Ramazan’s calendar is accurate in 2019. The Nama Ross Under Calendar sehor in 2019 and 2019 respectively.

40 million Muslims around the world have been using Muslim Pro pro the most accurate prayer time and the Asan App…DOWNLOAD APP

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