How to calculate house paint quantity

When we start our minds to build a house, many of us are thinking of painting and painting. But have you ever wondered about the health issues that these sufferers have?

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The main components of the paint are the color pigment (binder) that helps to add color to the wall or other material, solubents soluble in liquid solvents and additives that are resistant to fungal and other materials.

Solventants used to distinguish paint are generally water-based and self-centered. Many of the salt-based solvents are easily condensed into the atmosphere. There are also many health problems. In many countries, the amount of these factors should be low.

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Primer used for painting, furniture, varnishing that helps in enhancing the shape of the casual, janelle etc. can cause many health problems.

Many chemical compositions

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Paint and roller coating contain many heavy metals and rapidly evaporating organic compounds.

Besides heavy metals such as lead, nickel, zinc and cadmium, acetone, Xylene, Toluene, Formaldehide, Benzene, Methyl etthyl Ketone and Magnesium Silicate Painted in quick-condensed organic compounds.

In a number of developed countries, such factors are prohibited to use in painting or in apparatus as a result of serious health problems. The amount of condensed organic compounds can be very low in the paint. Very good if it is too small. If the size of these components in less than 50 grams is less than 50 grams, they are relatively secure and less secure than five grams.

Health problems

The quality of the paint can be influenced by the quality, size, the open space, the cut or the painting, the brush or the painting in the spray form. The age of person, health condition, responsiveness to the components of paint and genetic characteristics are also factors affecting the possibility of health problems.

Is it not normal to let your eyes smoke when you are sitting in the room during or after painting? Besides, problems like throat, nose smoker, itching, headache, oxygen, vomiting, sore throat and acne can be a lot less.

Patients with asthma often have asthma symptoms and may have asthma likely to exacerbate the risk of asthma.

Such problems are more common in children. So it is better not to enter the children in newly painted rooms for several days during painting at home.

The dangers of paint can be of three different types. By breathing, through the skin, through the gut. These short hairs can work differently and make health risks in different ways. The body of all persons with allergies and asthma may respond to these factors and may lead to excessive illness.

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