How to make a capacitor bank Emergency light

How to make a capacitor bank Emergency light , The Emergency will remain. No matter for about 3 hours, the electric Emergency is a brightly-fledged light.

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The shape and function of the emergency bulb is the same as the normal bulb. Hold the holder and switch the switch to light the bulb. The 7 Watt LED also has a 60 watt incandescent light than the light bulb. The point is that the bulb will stay on the stand while burning while burning. Moreover, the switch will turn on when the switch is turned on.

This is achieved by conserving electricity on a very small lithium battery within the bulb. When the current is present, the light line will receive electricity and the light will shine. And will charge yourself.

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The current sensor works by switching the current and the bulb will be shown using the battery stored in the battery with the help of automatic divergence in the diode. Emergency bulb is most useful in houses without invators.

The company has introduced the ‘LED’ Emergency Bulb, a 40-year-old Indian company in the lights’ lighting industry. The price of this bulb is Rs. 450. One year warranty is also provided.

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