How to download Birth Certificate in Kerala

Birth Certificate Download : Birth Certificate from Local Self Government Institutions for various purposes is required. Children need to produce a birth certificate for the purpose of including passport registration of children.

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These certificates are available online for free. A certified copy along with the barcode available online can be used as an authoritative document for various purposes.

To get copies of Birth Certificates, you should visit the website of Click on the link for the certificate search website. You should select the local self-governing organization and district which is registered on the page which opens up.

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Birth and Death Certificate Registration

The birth register registrations in India came into existence when the 1969 Birth Registration Act came into existence. The Birth and Death Registration Act was introduced in the state from 1.4.1970. The rules for this rule came into force in the state from 1.7.1970. In 2000, the rules were radically modified. Regional registration units are the Gram Panchayats, Municipalities, Municipal Corporations and Cantonment Board. Birth and Death must be reported to the local Registration Unit within 21 days from the date of the occurrence. This is mandatory. Birth and Deaths can be registered with a fine of Rs. Two fine for up to 30 days from the due date and up to five years with the permission of the Panchayat Deputy Director of the Panchayats and the Secretary on the Corporations in the Panchayats and subsequent to the Sub-Divisional Magistrate. Children can be named after one year of birth without following the child’s name and free of cost of Rs 5 a liter. Corrections in registrations prior to 1970 require the approval of the Chief Registrar. Being the basic document of birth and death registration, future custom revisions can not be made. Hence, ensure that birth and death registration clearly and accurately provide information. State Chief Registrar of Birth and Death Registration is the Additional Directorate of Panchayat. District registrars are panchayat deputy directors.

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