Rainwater Harvesting – Home System

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Rainwater harvesting is the accumulation and storage of rainwater for reuse on-site . I will give you some ideas about some of the things you can do in your own area of ​​the world if you are interested in rainwater harvesting.

rainwater harvesting introduction : Rainwater harvesting is a system that uses rainwater on the roof of houses and other buildings and is stored in tanks placed on the ground or above the surface and then used for water scarcity. One method of storage is to store rainwater from the roof. Placed with clean, pouring water on the plate or drying water, placing the plastic, running, grass or leaf plywood and using the pVC, bamboo or iron pipes to store it in a storage tank. The rainwater from the roof can be moved back to the lower shelf or at a depth of 500 cubic meters underground storage. History records that various types of rainwater harvesting systems existed over the centuries.

Ground water or surface water may be unavailable for drinking water in many areas. Although the ground water level is deep, and if there are several pieces of ground water being salty and unpleasant to salt. If the surface water system is dumped, then the appropriate method for lower cost will be rainwater harvesting.

Rain water is the most potable drinking water. It is also directly hit the roof. Studies have shown that the water in the reservoir and storage tank properly placed in the roof is well maintained. Drinking drinking water can also be found on rainwater harvesting in household buildings, schools and hospitals, and there are possibilities of income and resources.

Here’s how to wander through the water. Women and children will not need to walk on their heads with fresh water from a distance. Each 20 liters of water will be replenished and the need to take one kilo of fresh water. Considering the difficulty in walking up the drain in the opposite season, the smaller yields obtained through this system can be very valuable. In Sri Lanka and Uganda in Africa, the water is usually collected with banana and other temporary fountains. This facility can be put in place by any house that is not overpriced, even if the house is located on a hill or in a small island on the shores.

Water discovery is one of the main sources of energy. Even saline water can be used for cleaning related products. It can also be used for cooking and drinking water through a quality rain water tank.

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