Building a House , shop , office from Shipping Containers

Shipping Container Home : Today Introducing build shipping container homes is that they can be built relatively inexpensively.There are many reasons why living in a container house is so popular. Building a House , shop , office Shipping Containers Additional details below.

home that travels along with us while leading us to new nutritional cultures that leads us to become a nest. We can also describe container homes as well. Though sensational when thinking, these portable constructions have begun demanding contemporary demand. We live in the world when people buy packages and buy online, as other products and materials are purchasing. If you look exaggerated, such a shopping portal is one way through online shopping sitesThe container houses can see a long life.

Most of these investigators are the middle class community who are spending a major part of their income, renting and lending to a place where the work and workplace is unstable. It is widespread in Western countries to re-use such portable constructions of container to the parking area, intermittently and other purposes.

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At the end of the eighties, the construction and construction of cargo containers (cargoates) in world countries did not come to our country for a long time. In 2014, the first container restaurant in Kerala started functioning in Kochi (Vyttila-Kundanoor Road). The food barrel, designed by architect and designer Subi Surendran in the Avishkar Orchestra, is a unique feature of dual container construction.

Container homes are a reliable structure for those consisting of innovative ideas that can replace traditional home construction. Such structures that integrate the thermostat of the Sustainable Architecture are a natural friendly alternate model.


Shipping containers are usually available in boxes buried 20 feet in length, eight feet wide and eight feet high. There are 40 feet in length. These are not directly used for construction activities. The cleaned containers are designed according to their needs and interests.

The container box will have access to a total area of ​​about 320 square feet. If the house is constructed, it will include bedroom, hall, kitchen and other related facilities. They can be designed as a studio apartment or with many standardized facilities. Only when there is a demand for traditional home construction is that the number of containers has to be increased.

Thermal setting

Shipping container boxes are manufactured by Corten Steel and it is best to insulate inside inside the heat configuration. Containers that are inserted in various ways, such as rock wool, thermocool, spray form, etc. are used by the panel works. Wood, MDF and aluminum are all paneling materials. Such systems will help to adjust heat to the AC.

Other amenities

Roofing, flooring, electric and plumbing works are equipped with a home similar to a home container. Toilet facilities can also be utilized. The doors and windows can be fixed as in the design.

The foundations for conventional house construction are not an important step in container construction. Ensure that the concrete plate is constructed in the four corners of the container, beams or small piles.

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