How to making Low Budget Home in Kerala

When you start dreaming of your own home, you know the various parts of the house, get rid of the holidays and build your home-friendly home.

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We need a calculation in mind, how much you need, how much squire is to have a home with the seat, how it should be its external and interior, how many rooms should be their location, and what equipment you want to use. We will give you an accurate understanding of the cost of construction.

The square in the square and the east face are good to build the house. The flags of the north, east and west face are good. The plots of the plot, the surety, the history and the environment must be known. It is not wrong to seek the advice of an architect.

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The construction of a small house is good as the two floors are good. If you have more space, you can dream a wide single house. If the walls are built using the interlock bricks, the construction and cost will be reduced by one. It’s cold inside the house. No thin, no cracks. Similarly, plastering the inner walls of the inner walls will decrease.

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It is better to have 40-45 degrees cluttered roofs in our climate. The new trend is to add a newspaper title to a flat. Aluzine segments are good for the trees. It does not rust like a burden. The clay running, the ceramic oat, the concrets of the shingles, and the shingles can get in many ways.

When the surfaces are mounted on top of the house, the upper portion of the upper side should be trimmed to the back of the foot. It will rain down the rain water to the wall.

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The number of rooms is not in the size of the mirror. The living room should have size 13 ft × 15 feet. The beds should be at least 10 × 13 feet in size. The height of the rooms should be 9 feet (275 cm) from the floor. If the double height is 12-13 feet, Rectangular

Good for the rooms. The best thing to do is to keep the vacuits on flooring. The larger ones can be found in the market up to 6 × 4 sz.

Give good ventilation to the house. No windows with arch. The main door should be a two-door door opening inside. If you know a lot of things that are small and big, you can build our own home and dream without any liability.

Avoid cost reduction facility

Are you ready to build a new home? How do you build a good house without wastage?

How many rooms are there in your home? If you are quick to answer quickly one thing is certain. You may not have utilized all the entire places in your home. But why only place so much to be dusty?

Many people are housed in a luxury pace by borrowing and wasting salaries. Therefore, we should take every step of the house closely and try to reduce the cost.

Proper planning

An open discussion of the design of the lead is important. Planning will help you get things out of your dreams. Exercising perspectives in anticipation of the numbers that can be spent. The other thing to note is that you do not need to change your initial plan on time. If that happens, the cost may not be in the bid.

The plan design should be completed and the architecture should be prepared to prepare a detailed estimates and work program charts before starting work. It will help you to understand how much time you spend on each stage of the house and how you can complete each step. For example, a 500 sq ft area should be completed in six to eight months. If there is a need for more time for this, you can make sure that you have a loss of hayage.

Another important factor is the size of the home. As the size of the home increases, the cost of building materials increases, and home accumulation. Luxury taxes will also be paid to a house above 3,000 square feet.

Two-storied houses are more profitable than single-living homes. The solidity of the soil is slightly different from the single level, the less and the base and the depth. The first floor terrace comes with a second floor and does not make the front cost of flooring in the square foot.

When you build your home, you need to repay the bank loan. The value of the rupee is likely to decline over the years. Income Taxes can also save money.

Determination of land, electricity and water connection should be ensured when land is determined for house construction. Unless the lorry is going to climb, there is a possibility of the cutting of inventory.

When building the house on the mountains and marshes, you should know the firmness of the soil. A cost of Rs. 3,000 to check the soil. So if you have houses next to them, the structure of their floor

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