Cost of solar AC module in kerala

All solar panels are produced by DC but the newer is the solar panel that produces A/C from the Micro Invertor.

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The solar ac running the solar panel. The company claims that it will be able to reduce the electricity bills.
This AC Make solar energy on your own. Normal electricity will also work when needed. Hybrid Solar AC is part of the EcoScanner mission. “Said Aakash Daut, Head of Technology & Innovation Department of Video Con.
AC in the country The market is growing rapidly. We are aiming to sell 6 lakhs AC this year. Sanjeev Bakshi, Chief Operating Officer, said. The AC He said the company will increase its share of the company by 13 per cent.

  • Compressor
  • Containing Part
  • Expansion valve
  • Evaporating part

The compressor releases the contour of the liquid (refrigerant) at higher heights with a higher heat in the gaseous form. When this gas passes through the container coil, the function of the conductor fan is reduced due to temperature and morbidity, and the liquid form becomes liquid. This fluid passes through expansion valve. The expansion valve emits the liquid through the small pipe into the wide area and this rapid change will cause the fluid to evaporate. Thus the low-cold cold fluid enters the Ecobacter coil and the evapator fan (the cooler air generated cold air is produced by the Evapator Fan

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