How to repair and reuse LED Bulb

How to repair and reuse LED Bulb : Repair and Reuse a Burnt Out LED Bulb: LED bulbs to replace Incandescent bulbs are a great idea and save electricity.

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LED bulbs now used in most households in the country. At the same time, all the rooms of kitchen and bathroom have LED bulbs. These are slightly higher than the usual bulbs, but there are many times more of their life. However, at some point their light falls. Or do they perish? In this case, they are replacing a new LED bulb and buy it. However, please let us know that these bulbs can be easily repaired at home.

The LED bulb has a small circuit. It includes a few transistors and capacitors. It has 18 to 20 LADs. When the LED bulb is damaged, the LED’s poor is very low. If they are bad, 2 or 3 are bad. Most of the bulbs in the bulb are capsiters or transistors. After a while, this heat exploded. Under such circumstances, they can be easily replaced.

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To repair the LED bulb, first look at what’s inside it. If it is damaged by capacitors or transistors, it should be purchased. Only in ten rupees can be purchased from this market.

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