How to Book a Fancy Number in Kerala

How to Book a Fancy Number in Kerala RTO. Go to the following website and check your desired number is available or not. Fancy numbers available for issue can be seen on the official Kerala MVD website.

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Fancy Number website link blow

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Fancy Number Reservation Must register online. You will then see the numbers you’ve set up to reserve when logged in with the user ID and password and selecting the selected office.

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You can choose the preferred number and online. The number can be resubscribed from Monday to Saturday from Saturday morning to 4 pm. Auction can be done online every Monday from 5 pm on Monday to 10 in the morning. If you only have one reserved for a number, you will get a Monday number.

Number Reserve applicant should log in during the auction. If the same number has multiple applications, you can participate in the auction. Auction will succeed and will receive a message to the loser. The winner must register the vehicle within five days to complete the balance amount.

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If others apply online, the money will be refunded. One vehicle can reserve multiple number. If one of the two succeeds, you can select a number. The amount paid for the other number will not be returned. This number will be listed to be reserved.

If the winner of the auction does not resign because it is going online, it can not be understood by other participants in the auction. So the second one in the auction can not give this number. This number will be made available for reservation.

The unlisted numbers can be reserve at Rs. 3000 a week when a series is closed. The rest of the numbers will be provided by other vehicles as usual, without reservation.

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