LED Lamps Raw Material | Making LED bulb

LED Lamps Raw Material | Making LED bulb

LED Bulb material different price , starting price one piece rs 06 to 25 rupees . LED material purchase contact number is below . interested people Please contact to below telephone number.LED Accessories and Raw Material,CFL Glass,LED Driver,LED Kit,All Watt LED,


LEDs in general are 1 square meter size. They can be constructed using many different light sources. These interchangeable lamps make it superior to low power consumption, long life, high capacity to survive, decrease in size and on-off turnover. But if a room is needed to give the entire lights the cost of production, they will have better heating and electricity management.

LED Bulb material Contact number | LED Lamps Raw Material

Bhagwati Lighting Industries
No. 8/ 2, Daulat Ram School Road,
Near Deepanshu School, Near Nangloi Metro Station,
Kamruddin Nagar, Nangloi
Delhi – 110 041, India
Mobile: +(91)- 7217895016/9999674627/9999102758

Bangalore : +91 90081086550
Palghar : +91 9152611582

Our infrastructure is arranged to meet our basic needs. Our team has expert electrical engineers to maintain the production process of these CFL products. Quality executives manufacture these products with more accuracy through the global level and the latest engineering techniques. We buy the best materials for making these products from real vendors across the country. These devices are available in various watts and other technical activities in the market. For professionals of the company, check the production process to produce the best quality CFL accessories.

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  1. LED ബൾബ് നിർമ്മിക്കുവാനുള്ള സാധനങ്ങൾ എവിടെ കിട്ടും?

  2. Santhosh

    I intrest contact me 7092191914

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