How to make Water filters PVC pipe | making materials 

How to make Water filters PVC pipe | making materials 
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Water filters are an important product used in most homes today, and in the past they used to be very careful to get water from the wells in homes so there was no need to purify them , but now with the increase of bore wells even a slight redness to the water can change the taste of the food itself. In such a situation, the only way is to buy water purifiers from the market at a higher price. But once the purifier is fitted, it is a good amount to pay for servicing it every year. In such a situation, Jocy Thomas has built his own water purifier at home using very low cost materials. Let’s see what are the features of this water filter.

The materials needed to make such a water filter should be a standard six-inch PVC pipe with a two-inch pipe on top of it that can be used as a reducer. A bush should be placed on the reducer. The end cap is used on the other side of the pipe. The materials used to purify the water are charcoal and it costs around Rs 150. A few pebbles, a few grains of sand and a few grains of fine sand.

Looking at the construction method, first a supporting piece is placed on the bottom of the PVC pipe and then some charcoal is placed on top of it. On top of that, it will be filled with sandstone, fine sand and fine sand. In addition, a number of bends are required to connect them, and the ball valve is two inches, one inch in size, and the reducer is required. The end cap is placed at the top of the pipe and the reducer is provided at the bottom. First you need to find the right place to set the filter and do the necessary things.

Then fit the filter container and cut the filter with a net to fit the bottom in a round shape, then break a few bricks and fill. On top of that, fill with charcol, pebble stone, coarse sand and granular sand. Then the end cap should be fitted. Thoroughly clean the outside and connect it to the filter pipe with a connector from the drain pipe. Glue should be applied evenly where needs at the working, the filter mainly uses four valves. Each valve is named separately. The filter water is called A and is connected to the other part written as A. Backwash is also given as B. A valve should always be open. At the same time the back wash valves should be closed so that good water can be filtered and obtained. The filter water valves should be closed during backwashing. This will not change the force of the water. Therefore, the water can be filtered and used by making such a device as easily as a normal pipe.

It also costs around Rs 3,000.Anyone can make such a device without much technical knowledge.Watch the video to learn more.


water purifier making material

  • PVC pipe : 2 nos / 2,25 – 6 feet
  • pvc pipe –1 nos / 1.75 – 6 feet
  • reducer. 6 nos
  • coupling,elbow,tee : 4
  • valve : 4 nos
  • pvc pipe: requied lenth
  • saddle: 6+ nos
  • solvant: 50ml
  • fevicol sr: 50ml
  • 150 to 200 chiratta kari
  • vellarm kallu–5 to 8 kg



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