Wholesale price CCTV camera shop in Delhi

Today there are 2 types of cameras. NETWORK (IP) & ANALOGUE. When choosing a camera you have to decide what kind it will be. THERMAL cameras are available on the market. Contact number address below :

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NETWORK (IP) cameras

NETWORK cameras are the latest trend when it comes to changing the price of cameras. NETWORK (IP) cameras guarantee a high VIDEO QUALITY. But NETWORK (IP) cameras are 40-50% more expensive. NETWORK (IP) cameras can be selected if budget is not an issue. NETWORK (IP) cameras have lowered mains, compared to ANALOGUE cameras. Companies and other business establishments install NETWORK (IP) cameras too. Remote PAN, ZOOM and TILT (PTZ) are available in this category.

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ANALOGUE cameras are still commonly installed in homes. ANALOGUE cameras are also of satisfactory VIDEO quality. The main reason for the use of analog cameras is the lack of price. INSTALLATION of analog cameras is simple. Analog cameras require hard disks with low capacity.

The analog camera uses CVBS , AHD, HD-TVI, HD-CVI technologies. Many companies use different technology. For example, HIKVISION is made of HD-TVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface) cameras. CVBS is the oldest technology.

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Don’t installing cheap price CCTV camera

Don’t installing cheap price CCTV camera is a not safe. Psychologically they may give you a sense of security. So before buying these, you need to know the specifications of the camera you are going to install.

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Cheaper cameras can last for 6 months to 1 year. Think about the cost of buying a new camera a year later. Today’s small profit has been a great loss for tomorrow. Some saw peace in Cameroon and found peace. They think that’s enough. The device used for security should be the same as the quality. If the person’s coming is not clear then what’s the matter with the camera? In many cases police get evidence from security cameras. But remember, that in many cases there is no clear evidence that there is evidence missing.

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Address and contact number

Address:-shop no.7-b,pleasure garden market,near guri shankar mandir,chandni chowk,DELHI-110006.
MB NO –9821042694 , 9958716202,  01141569823

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