Gypsum plastering : what is gypsum plaster?

Gypsum plastering : what is gypsum plaster?

Gypsum plastering : white cementing material made by partial or complete dehydration of the mineral gypsum . You can now plaster the walls without cement or sand. The video will give full information on what is gypsum plaster, how to use gypsum plaster.

You can plaster the interior with the interior and exterior and gypsum. Furthermore, it offers lifetime guarantees and service providers. For Malayalee home is not just a place to live, but also a symbol of pride and financial well-being.The construction of a house is not according to the needs of the family or financial constraints. Uncontrolled construction has led us to another crisis.

The availability of construction materials and the high cost of materials available do not bother the home builder or the homeowner.The biggest problem for the construction industry is the lack of sand. When it comes to sand or manufac- tured sand, its hefty price has led many to look for alternatives.

Gypsum plastering is a promising invention at this juncture. The implication is that wall plastering can be done without the need for sand or cement. This is not a new invention. Since ancient times, the gypsum plastering was popular in different parts of the world. But it was once popular in Kerala where sand was once abundant. But as the situation has changed, gypsum plastering has become a new wave in the industry.

Gypsum plastering has many advantages over plastering with cement and sand. The biggest advantage is that you can do more area plastering in a very short amount of time. After plastering it can be done in about 10 minutes. Unlike cement plastering, there is no need to irrigate after plastering.

Usually, after cement plastering, the paint needs to be put in place, but the gypsum plastering can also be putty finish. It also helps to get a good finish in a coat of paint. This helps to reduce the cost of painting significantly.

After gypsum plastering, there is no need to paint as the walls will get a nice white color. Only use primer.

Gypsum plastering is done by skilled workers. The gypsum plastering method involves mixing water with gypsum powder in a 25kg pack and making it into a doughy shape with a putty blade. A gypsum powder of about 50 to 70 packets of gypsum powder is required to make an area gypsum plaster with an area of ​​1000 square feet.

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