disc brakes have holes 3 Reasons why

disc brakes have holes 3 Reasons why

All new bikes have been converted to disc brakes and ABS braking systems with safety top priority. Even the cheapest vehicles in CC are now available in disc brakes with safety as their priority. The brake is one of the most sought after vehicles. Especially on bikes.


But there is no break or strike too soon. If we focus on the small issues and not notice them, then it becomes a serious problem. Disc brakes are easier to inspect than drum brakes. Here are some things to consider when it comes to maintaining a disk break

Scratches and spots
As you move in and out, you will notice a small amount of streaks on the disc that is constantly shining. There is no need to fear this. But if you have large scratches or scratches, it is a must. The disk needs to be changed

If there is too much gaps between the brake pad and the disk, you should definitely change the pad

Brake line
You can see traces of rubber on the brake line. But if you see something like metal scratched, you should definitely show it to the mechanic. This can result in disk damage very quickly.

Put the two sides together
When replacing a disk, it is best to alternate the two sides

Be careful not to dust on the disk. Clean the dust and mud and rinse off immediately

It is advisable to check the disc brake at regular intervals during the rainy season.

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