Goat farming Program in Kerala government subsidy : How to apply

Goat farming Program in Kerala government subsidy : How to apply

Goat farming Program in Kerala government subsidy .Goat farming business is gaining momentum in farming lovers are increasing Kerala government Animal Resource Development Department.Eligible farmers can apply for the goat rearing unit scheme.



The Department of Animal Husbandry is planning to ensure income for rural communities, especially women. Efforts are being made to increase the income of rural women and farmers by providing technical know-how in goat farming.

The ideal place to raise sheep is important. Fresh air, fresh water, availability of green grass, proximity to veterinarian and doctor, transportation facilities and markets should be considered separately. Meat, milk, skin and fiber are the factors in income-generating goat farming.

According to officials, the best varieties for Kerala are Malabar, Jamuna Pari, Osman Badi, Bor, Zanan, etc. The herds should be kept in a clean place with plenty of fresh air and light. Veterinary University of Pookkod, Wayanad has developed model goat cages.

The department has also taken measures to support the market, including projects. Apply directly and online from all zoos in the district. Under the scheme, a goat rearing unit consisting of 19 females of Malabar variety and an egg egg valued at Rs.10,000 / – would be eligible for a maximum

The project cost is estimated at Rs 1,62,000 for sheep, Rs 1,00,000 for flock insurance, Rs 10,000 for insurance coverage for sheep, Rs 880 for medicine, livelihood and mineral transport and Rs 2,80,000 for transportation. Of this, Rs 1,80,000 is to be collected by the beneficiary on his own or on loan. Beneficiaries must be Farmer registered with the Department of Animal Husbandry and own at least 50 cents of land.

Preference will be given to beneficiaries who have been trained in commercial breeding by the Department of Animal Husbandry. The contract with the goat rearing unit for three years should be signed with the department. Farmers and women in rural areas can take advantage of this scheme by making profitable goat farming to ensure a fixed income.


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