Low cost solar panels in Kerala for subsidy Schemes

solar panels in Kerala : We have implemented the Solar On grid Power System and have been working for the 7 months.This power system was developed using subsidy scheme . Solar Smart”on grid and Off grid Rooftop Solar Power Plant Programme-2018-19.

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Solar energy is completely free from the initial lapse. The panels should be placed where the direct sunlight is on the roof. The solar energy captured by the panels can be stored in the battery as a DC current and then used for home use through an inverter. A kilowatt-capacity solar power system can generate up to 100 units of electricity per month.

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Panels can also be placed on an oblique roof. The panel should be facing south. The motion of the sun and the possibility of shading of trees and other buildings should also be considered.

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Motor, water heater and AC are running on solar power. Fully solar powered homes can be viewed today without even KSEB connection. Connecting to solar energy requires equipment that runs most of the time. This requires finding the connected load. The starting current and running current of each device are two levels. The starting current is two to three times larger than the running current. Both of these must be taken into account to determine the connected load.

two types of solar inverters – on-grid and off-grid

on-grid : There is also a system to provide the government with electricity after our need. This is possible through an on-grid inverter system.application fee of Rs 1,000 will be allowed by KSEB officials to come and inspect them.

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battery cost : battery cost up to Rs 20,000. Battery selection should be based on the amount of power consumed at home and the amount of time needed to back up. The battery capacity of 1200 watts is enough for a day’s backup.

on-grid price  : costs between 2.5 lakh and 2.75 lakh on an off-grid basis price. The system consists of a panel, inverter and surge protection unit.

How to Apply : 

Applications can be submitted online through www.anert.gov.in KSEB bill and Aadhaar card copy should be preserved at the time of registration.

Low cost solar panels in Kerala for subsidy Schemes

solar smart scheme, the subsidy on off-grid inverter system will be Rs 40,500 per kWh. on on-grid system subsidy of Rs 18,000 / kW . This subsidy belongs to the Central Government. In addition Kerala state government is subsidy.

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