How to apply passport online ?

Passport is a delayed and costly event, but now you can take and renew your passport and upgrade your passport if you have a smartphone. It will also take place on PC and tablets. It took a long time to refresh the passport. Passport can be easily renewed. The new online system will also facilitate renewal and error correction along with passport applications.(മലയാളത്തിലുള്ള ലിങ്ക് താഴെയുണ്ട് )


To get your passport first is to submit the online application. Open this website: Create a user ID and password. Once logged in, you can see a link to the document adviser on the left. By clicking on it, you will be able to know what documents are to be submitted for each type of passport (Tatkal, Normal). Fill out the credential form and submit it online.

The applicant will get the passport fees (depending on which type of passport) will be paid through Net Banking or any of the ASEBs through Chellan. (NB: Cashier can be booked only after 48 pm if the fee is paid at the ACBI Bank Net Payment / debit card.


Some banks, such as SBT, do not charge service charges for NET Banking. Other banks charge a 15 -20 rupee service charge. We can not choose the date and time as old. We will get the most up to date and time.) Select the date and time available to Seva.

Date and time of receipt of the print of the applicant. The applicant must be present at the right time at the chosen date with all necessary original documents. Within 20 minutes, the application can be processed in Seva Kendras. If you have complexities like minor or criminal cases, you will have to go to the Passport Office. In the Passport Seva Kendras only the information is provided to the applicant. Photo will be taken there.Take the Token from the original check counter.

Go to the launcher by showing the token bar code in the security gate. Go to the ‘A’ section counter on the screen to see the number in the token number when it appears. If there are errors in the application in the ‘A’ counter, there will be a chance to correct the error. From here the photograph and fingerprints are required for passport. The monitor will have an interviewer to see this. Scanning of the respective documents will be done at the counter. You should reach the ‘B’ counter here.

The examination of the documents will be done from here. If you have all the necessary documents, you can go to the Passport Grant section ‘C’ counter.Accounts can be obtained from the counter when you get out of the counter. The details of the passports will be retained, including the date, the request, the requirement, and the details to do. The applicant also has the opportunity to record comments on services received from the Seva Center at the exit. Please refer to the Reference Reference Number (ARN).

If you apply for TATAKAL, you will get a passport within one or two days. Those who do not require verification or who receive the passport and the verification of the passport will be given in three days. Verification Required A verification report will be available at any time. Verification time is 21 days.

The policemen who come to verification do not have to pay any money. The government is receiving the amount for policemen going to verification. Passport holders are not authorized to hold any passport officers. Verification includes things like Citizenship, Criminal, etc. and verify that the information provided in the application is correct in the addresses.

There are many agents in front of the passport office. But do not approach them anymore. Passport Seva Kendras should be done directly and you need to get a passport directly. The documents needed for passport must be assured when arriving in Seva Kendras. Voter ID or driving license, record for address verification, birth certificate for those born after January 26, 1989. Passport Speed ​​Post The postal address will not receive even the slightest fault, because the postal system uses the last verification.
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